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Factors to Consider When Buying a Yorkshire Terrier Dog

Keeping a pet can be an awesome experience. Dogs make it to the most kept pets around the world due to their friendly behavior towards humans. There are numerous types of dogs which have unique characteristics. Yorkshire Terriers is a type of dog breed that is of terrier type. The dog is usually of a small size thus making it suitable to keep as a pet. The dogs nice outwards appearance makes it more likable by humans. You should not be surprised when you find yourself buying one when you never had the intentions to buy one due to the playful and friendly behavior of these dogs. When you finally make the plan on buying one there are a number of considerations that you should always make before making the initial purchase that you can read more about here.

Gender is a key factor to always look after before purchase. There are variations in peoples preferences where some prefer one gender over the other. Get to know what the gender of the dog you would want to keep as a pet. Looking after a female dog may be demanding more than a male dog. Your ability to provide good care to the dog should guide you on the gender that you should buy.

Find out how many days the puppy has been in existence since they were born. You can either choose to buy a small puppy or a grown-up Yorkshire Terriers dog from your breeder. Buying old dogs is not advisable due to a number of reasons such as health conditions. Having information about the age of the breed can do you justice based on the final decision that you make. The suitable age bracket for buying puppies is between ten to twelve weeks. Read more about dogs at

When you finally select Elvis Yorkshire Terrier puppy of your choice, it is important to check its general health conditions. You should check for any blisters, ticks, runny nose, and the coat so as to make sure that the dog is in a good health condition. By doing this you can actually save on some costs that you could have incurred later after you buy a sick puppy due to health issues. After you are satisfied with the general well-being of the puppy you can now go ahead and make a purchase.

Make an effort to always observe the location in which the breeder is keeping their dogs. The puppies should be in a closed space so as to train them on how to always keep indoors. A pet is kept inside the house thus the puppies should have adjusted to staying in a closed environment. You may face some challenges trying to make a puppy that has a habit of staying outside keep inside your premises. It is very easy to lose a Yorkshire terrier dog if they go out to roam outside without your presence. Be sure to see page here!

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